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2015/2/28 release
Ftune v1.01 download
Clock and memory access tuning utility for CASIO fx-9860G series SH3 model.
2015/2/28 release
Ftune2 v1.01 download

2016/7/31 release
 v1.11 download

Clock and memory access tuning utility for CASIO fx-9860GII-2  SH4A model.
2015/2/28 release
Ptune2 v1.01 download

2016/7/31 release
Ptune2 v1.11 download

Clock and memory access tuning utility for CASIO fx-CG10/20 Prizm.

fx-9860G series has been adopted from Renesas SH3 custom chip is conventional.

From the time the fx-CG10/20 was released in 2011, fx-9860GII series has also been changed to the same SH4A custom chip and fx-CG10/20.

fx-9860G series OS execution speed such as built-in BASIC changed to the current 2.0 system from the initial version 1.0 system is now slow to about half.

Because a function considerably improved, I cannot complain.

but,CASIO fx-9860GII SH4A adopted model ... also speed is half ...

What is it to become slow though the OS does not change?

This add-in tool was created for the purpose of allowing maximize the potential of new SH4A model of fx-9860GII.

====== Warning!!! =============================================================
This tool is made to work safely, but unknown malfunction may happen.
This tool can cause damage on your calculator!
Use it at your own risk.
will not be responsible for any damage.

I think that FX does not have a problem in particular.
However, please be careful.
Because Prizm is fragile, I recommend use by the I/O frequency that is almost default frequency.

Here you take a look at how to how much performance up using the tool.

Built-in benchmark does not know only about changes in the CPU core speed and memory read speed because things simple.

The benchmark of built-in BASIC use N-queen (here)

The benchmark of add-in, use Dhrystone2.1. (CASIO SDK v1.0  optimize option: size)

Because Dhrystone itself is a small program enough to fit in the cache, also available Dhrystone 100 times unroll it exceeds over 32Kbyte instruction cache size.

  Default OverClock X2 OverClock X3 OverClock X4 OverClock X4  reduce wait
fx-9860G SH3

Nqueen  (OS 1.05.0000) 17.3s 11.6s 9.9s  9.1s 7.2s
Nqueen  (OS 2.04.0200) 30.4s 20.6s 17.7s 16.5s 12.8s
Dhrystone 2.1 (SDK 1.0) 25853 dhry/s 38789 dhry/s 44326 dhry/s 46642 dhry/s 68400 dhry/s
Dhrystone 2.1 x100 9363 dhry/s 10725 dhry/s 11155 dhry/s 11254 dhry/s 15375 dhry/s
current consumption
0.3mA - 43mA 0.3mA - 65mA 0.3mA - 76mA 0.3mA - 87mA 0.3mA - 100mA

Initial OS1.05 is fast nearly twice.

Overclocking in SH3 can further performance up when reduce wait.

The following is the result of the fx-9860GII of SH4A,Although the default wait of ROM is too many.

But,just to make the wait setting similar to the SH3 model.,will be nearly twice as  faster.

  Default same setting as SH3 same as fx-CG10/20 Prizm reduce wait 59MHz OverClock  59MHz OverClock  118MHz OverClock  118MHz OverClock  118MHz OverClock  236MHz OverClock  302MHz (later lot)
fx-9860GII SH4A

OS  2.04.0201


Nqueen 58.7s 33.1s 33.9s 18.7s 17.0s 15.2s 13.5s 12.1s 10.5s 8.8s
Nqueen  (with  USB) 44.3s 21.5s 22.2s 12.7s 11.3s 9.4s 7.8s 6.6s 5.2s 4.5s
Dhrystone 2.1 (PrizmSDK0.3) 32320 dhry/s 40160 dhry/s 38197 dhry/s 77519 dhry/s 88183 dhry/s 104602 dhry/s 126582 dhry/s 160771 dhry/s 211864 dhry/s 271739 dhry/s
Dhrystone 2.1 x100 2820 dhry/s 11475 dhry/s 7524 dhry/s 16578 dhry/s 20525 dhry/s 17397 dhry/s 21523 dhry/s 27778 dhry/s 28296 dhry/s 30012 dhry/s
current consumption
min-max (BackLight +7mA)
0.7mA - 23mA 0.7mA - 24mA 0.7mA - 29mA 0.7mA -40 mA 0.7mA - 46mA 0.7mA - 60mA 0.7mA - 68mA 0.7mA - 80mA 0.7mA - 110mA 0.7mA - 140mA

Since it is to raise the bus clock it is necessary to increase the wait value increase of performance as in a high clock is becoming growth rate turns worse.

BASIC with USB in becomes considerably fast, but it is thought whether it is a problem only for built-in BASIC& application because there is not influence in the Dhrystone.

I always want to do it like always with USB, but there is not been able to touch in this tool for the do not know how yet.

I will try to benchmark even fx-CG10/20 Prizm. (use Prizm SDK 0.3)

  Default memory wait tuned OverClock  59MHz OverClock  118MHz OverClock  118MHz OverClock  236MHz OverClock  302MHz (later lot)
fx-CG10/20  SH4A

OS  2.00.3200


Nqueen 39.7s 27.8s 20.6s 16.9s 15.2s 14.0s 12.0s
Nqueen  (with USB) 39.7s 27.8s 20.6s 16.9s 15.2s 14.0s 12.0s
Dhrystone 2.1 38197 dhry/s 70422 dhry/s 76219 dhry/s 130548 dhry/s 145348 dhry/s 182481 dhry/s 195312 dhry/s
Dhrystone 2.1 x100 7763 dhry/s 13426 dhry/s 15878 dhry/s 16744 dhry/s 19786 dhry/s 20088 dhry/s 22055 dhry/s
 min-max (BackLight 1 ) 3mA - 34mA 3mA - 40mA 3mA - 48mA 3mA -72mA 3mA - 84mA 3mA - 115mA 3mA - 145mA

fx-CG10 / 20 is inferior benchmark results than the fx-9860GII for a little slow memory speed, but USB speed problem does not occur with fx-CG10 / 20 Prizm.


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